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Rohingya Kutupalong-Balukhali Refugee Camps View

Filmed on April 30, 2019 at the Kutupalong Balukhali Rohingya Refugee Camps near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The Rohingya are a stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar. Rohingya refugees fled violence in Myanmar at a staggering rate in 2017 and the numbers keep growing. At the peak of the crisis, thousands were crossing into Bangladesh daily. Over a million Rohingya refugees have fled violence in Myanmar in successive waves of displacement since the early 1990s.

The latest exodus began in August 2017, when violence broke out in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, driving more than 723,000 to seek refuge in Bangladesh. The enormous scale of the influx is putting an immense pressure on the Bangladeshi host community. The Kutupalong refugee settlement has grown to become the largest of its kind in the world with about750,000 refugees. 55% of all the refugees are children. The humanitarian response in Bangladesh remains focused on meeting the massive humanitarian needs.

According to the UN, additional international support is urgently needed to move from purely humanitarian, day-to-day support to addressing medium-term challenges, including resilience, education, registration, and program to protect the most vulnerable refugees including children, women and persons with specific needs.

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