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Stevens Institute of Technology Exhibit Time Lapse - April 8, 2019

Updated: May 25, 2019

Stevens Institute of Technology exhibited The Power of Faces during their Student National Week of Action in April 2019.

Stevens Institute published the following article:

"Students participate in National Week of Action Published in The Stute – The official newspaper of Stevens Institute of Technology By Alyaa Elkalif, Staff Writer April 12, 2019 On Monday, April [8], members of the Stevens chapter of Amnesty International set up for the Power of Faces Photo Exhibit, one of several events planned for the National Week of Student Action. The exhibit featured portraits of refugees and their families in order to “humanize the crisis and show that refugees are human beings with lives like everyone else, “ Madeline Rys, President-elect, explained. Later that evening, photographers [Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders] gave a talk, which was live-streamed on Amnesty’s Facebook page, about their experiences with photojournalism and photo activism in refugee camps…

Rys elaborated that Stevens students are often busy with academic work and other career-related endeavors and, as a result, fail to engage with social justice issues. The Refugees Welcome Proclamation, signed by a number of RSOs and SGA senators, declares that the “Stevens student body both acknowledges that the ongoing refugee crisis is a human rights’ violation and calls upon legislators to take measures to alleviate it,” Rys continued. Amnesty International strongly urges all students looking to get engaged in social justice issues to attend their coffee chats and GBMs, and they hope to expand into the lobbying sector."

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