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WRFI Radio - Human Rights and Social Justice Program Interview

Updated: Jan 14

The Human Rights and Social Justice Program covers a wide range of human rights and social justice issues from the local to the global. Co-hosted by Ute Ritz-Deutch and Chantal Thomas.

Interview with Ute Ritz-Deutch, October 25, 2019 begins at the 1:00 mark.

Theresa Menders and Daniel Farber Huang are a wife and husband team, who have visited refugee camps around the world and taken portraits of the people there. They describe conditions in the Souda camp in Chios, Greece, the Balukhali camp in Bangladesh where Rohyngia refugees are located, and the Berretal camp in Tijuana, Mexico. Currently we are experiences the worst global refugee crisis in human history with more than 70 million people displaced. The international community has a legal and humanitarian obligation to address the crisis. Article 14 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is about everyone's right to seek asylum. The UN Refugee Convention and its Protocols address the obligations of countries regarding refugees. Sadly, refugee camps are underfunded and even providing water and sanitation services is a huge challenge. Living in camps is also dangerous, especially for girls and women. Despite of these hardships, Theresa and Daniel capture the faces of refugees in the camps to show their humanity, hopes and dreams. For more information visit

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