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Vanity Fair Italia - The faces of refugees, the photographic project that tells the global crisis

August 16, 2017

The faces of refugees, the greatest contemporary humanitarian crisis told through images

The United Nations has defined the refugee crisis, the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times. Sixty-five million people were forced to abandon their land, their homes and often their families, to escape war, violence and persecution.

An impressive figure for its vastness, which the photographers, as well as husband and wife Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders, have decided to tell through the images. They have chosen to give faces to the numbers and have begun to portray refugees distributed in camps and in reception centers.

This is how “The Power of Faces: Looking at the Global Refugee Crisis” photographic project was born.

"It is very difficult to understand the extent of a crisis that involves 65 million people. And if we don't succeed how can we help to resolve it? », Explains Daniel Farber Huang. "That's why we started photographing refugees one by one, to portray their faces."

The couple started the report in Chios, Greece, one of the main landing islands for thousands of migrants traveling to Europe. Daniel and his wife have decided to make photo shoots for each family and then give them the pictures, in memory of a new beginning. Many of them have in fact lost everything during their journey and from their previous life they have kept only the memory.

“Having a printed photo of your family and being able to hold it in your hands can be very comforting in some moments. For these we made the images of these men, women and children isolating them from the context that surrounded them at the time of the shot.”

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